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Teacher Denise and Fredericksburg Virginia preschool students at graduation. Look at those smiles!

Meet The Teacher Ms. Denise!

Denise Shields leads the children in a learning experience filled with fun and play. Denise home schooled for nine years & worked for three years as a kindergarten Paraprofessional at Conway Elementary School in South Stafford County, Virginia.

he has also served for the past 23 years as a Preschool and Nursery volunteer for Freedom Church in Stafford, Virginia.

This is Denise's 12th year teaching preschool in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She enjoys painting, traveling the world, and spending time with her family and dogs. Denise is certified in CPR and First Aid.

Are you looking for a Preschool in the Fredericksburg VA area?


At Creative Kids children will learn in a safe, loving environment while expressing themselves through Art, Music, and Writing. Our smaller classes allow for lots of 1 on 1 time, as well as forming close friendships with classmates. Your child will learn important life skills that will help them be safe, healthy, & happy.

Denise puts her heart and soul into the development of her kids. For her this is not an occupation, but aside from her own 4 children, her life's work. For this we are grateful. This set the foundation for our child for all learning and socialization to come. I wish the same for all children... Kathryn Leffler, Preschool Parent


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