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"My son absolutely loves going to Creative Kids Preschool.  He gets so excited on the way to school and can't wait to see Ms. Denise.  My son will definitely be coming back to Creative Kids Preschool next year.

Shainia Disbro



SOMETHING SPECIAL! We scrutinized every available Fredericksburg preschool. None felt 100% perfect. Then we interviewed with Denise Shields. We immediately felt different. We expected our child to learn, play, make friends, and thrive, but...we could not have predicted a truly unexpected outcome. All the parents involved, along with Denise and her husband became an amazingly functional family dynamic. We all supported one another and the children, whether in the class environment or outside. I mean everybody, no matter how diverse. For 2 years. That's eight kids, their siblings, extended families. We saw a great deal of each other on non preschool days. Birthdays, yes, but picnics, parks, pools, malls, movies, our homes etc just because we wanted to be together. As a result we watched 8 little kids grow and change exponentially in the most positive ways. Every one of these kids is better for the experience. Denise puts her heart and soul into the development of her preschool kids. For her this is not an occupation, but aside from her own 4 children, her life's work. For this we are grateful. This set the foundation for our child for all learning and socialization to come. I wish the same for all children.
Kathryn Leffler 

What I love about Creative Kids preschool is knowing that when I drop my child off, she is in a wonderfully warm and play-based environment, doing creative and fun activities with a teacher who really cares about her. My husband and I love to watch our daughter grow and learn with Mrs. Denise, who teaches and fosters positive social interaction among children. We could not ask for a better school!
Deborah Lollmann


As a retired Stafford County teacher with 37 years of experience and being a VERY particular grandmother, I was looking for a preschool in Fredericksburg Virginia for my granddaughter. I prayed about it every day. I called the number and drove out to meet Denise. A very kind and gentle lady who was interested in Haliegh, my granddaughter, and what the expectations were for her in school. Haliegh was enrolled. Our Creative Kids preschool has far exceeded the expectations and the goals I wanted for Haliegh. Denise is a creative, knowledgable and caring preschool teacher. We go two days a week which is plenty of time for this age group. Each day is filled with Pre-K activities and various learning experiences. Denise is the kind of educator needed in public school, but I am certainly glad she is not there. We look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. We look forward to next year with great anticipation.
Linda Whalen

Our daughter loves "Miss Denise" and loves all of the friends she has made. We love the small, close knit environment as well. We feel our daughter gets more out of it in two days a week than she would at a larger place five days a week.
Ashley Rockenhaus

“It has been my pleasure to know Denise Shields for over 25 years.  Denise is an outstanding person of the highest character who demonstrates care and concern for others. She has served with excellence for over 14 years at Horizons Church on our Children's and Nursery Team. I highly recommend Denise Shields to you for the care of your preschool children.”
Rich Pennington, Co-Pastor Horizons Church, Stafford VA

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