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preschool fredericksburg virginia


What Is Your Teacher/Student Ratio?


There is a maximum of 8 students in the Mon/Wed/Friday Fredericksburg Preschool class (8:1 ratio) and a maximum of 6 students in the Tues/Thurs class (6:1 ratio).

Do You Follow The Public School Calendar?

Yes, Creative Kids closely follows the Stafford County Public Schools (SCPS) calendar. The first day of preschool is the day after Labor Day, and we end on the last Friday in May. During inclement weather we follow the SCPS for closings and delays.

Do You Offer After Hours Or Full-Time Care?

Creative Kids is a half-day preschool program. We do not offer full-time care or day care services.

Do Children Have To Be Potty Trained?

We know that potty training is a developmental process and that children achieve it at different times. Preschoolers do not have to be completely potty trained to attend Creative Kids. If your child is not in underwear yet, please send in pull-ups so that we can change him if necessary.


What Is Your Teaching Philosophy?

We believe that preschool children learn best when they are engaged in rich, meaningful play. The classroom is carefully planned and organized so that students have opportunities to explore art, science, math, literacy, drama, and more. We recognize the importance of kindergarten preparation and work with our students to achieve the skills that they need to enter school.

What Is Your Sick Policy?

Children with a fever of 100° or above may not attend school.  Children must be fever free and have not vomited for at least 24 hours before returning to school.  Contagious diseases must be brought to our attention immediately. All families involved will be notified. Medication (other than Epi-Pens for allergic reactions) cannot be administered at preschool.  This includes asthma inhalers, Tylenol and other over-the-counter oral medications, but it does not include topical ointments such as Neosporin or sunscreen.

What Happens if The Teacher Gets Sick?

We will close if Denise cannot teach that day or there is a family emergency. Denise is permitted 3 personal days during the preschool year. Parents receive a prorated tuition refund for any missed days beyond those 3 personal days.

What Are The Fees And Tuition?

2 Day Preschool Fredericksburg Class Tues/Thurs $145 monthly, one-time registration fee of $50

3 Day Preschool Fredericksburg Class Mon/Wed/Fri $190 monthly, one-time registration fee of $50


Why Should I Send My Child To Creative Kids?

Families who choose Creative Kids Preschool in Fredericksburg are looking for an intimate classroom setting with low student-teacher ratios. Creative Kids families appreciate the tremendous level of care and love that their children receive while at preschool. They realize very quickly that registering their child is more than just signing him/her up for preschool. Registering at Creative Kids means that you have become a member of our closely connected preschool family.

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